Installation & Maintenance

Installing Your Permshield Floors

Permshield floors are designed to keep things simple and save you time and money. Whether you’re hiring a professional or planning to DIY, we have all the info you need to ensure proper installation guidelines are followed.

Prepare Your Space and Subfloor

To prepare your space for installing your new floors, all subfloors must be clean, flat, dry and structurally sound. Ensure subfloor moisture levels have been tested and any issues have been properly treated. Your floors should be installed in a climate-controlled environment. See installation guidelines above for more detailed information.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning your Permshield floors is easy. Maintain the beauty of your floors through easy, routine care. Follow the simple steps below and refer to the proper guidelines below for more detailed instructions.


Choose a pH-neutral floor cleaner – nothing with a polish, detergent or other harmful chemicals that could void your warranty and damage your floor.

We recommend Permshield cleaner.


It’s important to use the right cleaning products and tools. Avoid using products that contain the words wax, polish, shine or citrus and don’t use vacuums with rotating beater bars on any hard surface floors. Do not use steam mops on your flooring.

First Use

Before moving your furniture back into your space, you must remove installation dust. First, sweep and dry mop your floor.

Then, damp mop with an approved cleaner.

Finally, damp mop with water only.

For Best Results

It’s a good idea to use walk-off mats at entrances and doorways and non-staining floor protectors under heavy furniture, chairs, and tables. Do not use any protectors or rugs with rubber backing.

Always check care and maintenance guidelines specific to your product.

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