Why vinyl flooring is better than laminate?

Why vinyl flooring is better than laminate?

If you’ve been searching online into a durable, economical, attractive floor covering for your home, you probably keep coming across information on laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.

Laminate flooring is currently one of the cheapest alternatives to hardwood flooring. Another option, luxury vinyl is gaining popularity. It comes in planks and tiles.

Though they’re similar in appearance, radiant heating, and installation, Luxury Vinyl has many advantages in most of the other categories.

Luxury Vinyl is Better For…

  • Pets

Since LVP is 100% waterproof, house training puppies or kittens aren’t as stressful.

Scratch-resistant surfaces make pet nail damage nothing to worry about.

Pet hair and dander can easily be swept or vacuumed away.

  • Maintenance

Holds up for years with regular sweeping and manufacturer’s cleaners (PermShield Floor /cleaner).

  • Durability

This material usually comes with a 15+ year warranty but PermShield Features LifeTime warranty to residential customers.

  • Water/Moisture

100% plastic means that it’s waterproof.

It can even be submerged and still be usable.

  • Resale Value

Luxury Vinyl Floor has been making a lot of headway in recent years, but the stigma of its past still haunts it. If you pick a good quality floor, there’s a chance you can subtly raise your home’s value. However, lower-quality LVT/LVP can potentially hurt your home’s value.

Cons of Laminate Flooring

Not as water-resistant as vinyl flooring: While laminate flooring has come a long way in its water-resistant capabilities, it still cannot tolerate standing pools of water. Unlike vinyl, laminate’s water resistance works from top to bottom rather than bottom to top. If you have moisture issues with your subfloor, you’ll still need a vapor barrier.

Not recommended for full bathrooms or basements: Since these areas are prone to leaks and flooding, you’ll want a more water-resistant floor. You can make your laminate floor more water-resistant by installing underlayment and vapor barrier as well as using the glue-down installation method.

Sound: If installed poorly, laminate floors can create a hollow, empty sound. Every product comes with thorough installation instructions, and if you’re really worried, you can always hire an expert. Plus, a good underlayment can make for a quieter laminate floor.

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