Lifeproof Vinyl Tile vs Permshield Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Quality flooring is crucial for any home, offering durability and longevity. When renovating or choosing flooring, homeowners face the challenge of making the right choice. Factors like affordability, room suitability, and pros and cons come into play.

lifeproof vs permshield
Vinyl flooring Comparison


Two prominent brands in this arena are LifeProof and Permshield. LifeProof, exclusively available at Home Depot, is the store's in-house brand, though not its manufacturer; Halstead New England Industries produces LifeProof flooring under Home Depot's contract.


Permshield Luxury Vinyl flooring is a Private label American Brand committed to excellence in luxury vinyl flooring, distinguishes itself from conventional big-box store brands by maintaining an exclusive network of certified dealers, most of which are local, family-owned businesses dedicated to providing premium service.

The brand's mission revolves around transcending the ordinary, enhancing customers' living spaces with floors that epitomize durability, style, and performance. Permshield is more than just a brand; it's a symbol of elevated living.

Permshield firmly believes that exceptional quality should be accessible without an exorbitant price tag. The company's inception was driven by the vision to offer superior products at prices aligned with customers' budgets.

Wear Layer Thickness is important to consider when purchasing new vinyl flooring. The thicker the wear layer, the more durable the flooring.




Difference Between Permshield Luxury Vinyl Floor vs Lifeproof Vinyl Floor

So, When comparing products, one MUST do an Apples to Apples comparision. You'll notice that Permshield's product line kicks off with a great 20-mil wear layer, which tells us they're all about top-notch quality. The only exception here is the high-traffic line from our friends over at LifeProof!



With Permshield You will find the best cost-benefit. You can find a dealer and surely It costs you less than $3 per square foot on the lite Collection (20mil wear layer),  while Lifeproof if you want to spend less than  $3 per square foot you will have a inferior product. (home depot lifeproof flooring prices)



Maintaining both Lifeproof vinyl plank and Permshield Luxury Vinyl Flooring  is simple. You can keep it dirt-free by regular vacuuming and sweeping. Therefore, you can use a mop for deep cleaning the floors as both of them are waterproof. Indeed, you don’t need to hassle to clean & maintain Lifeproof and Permshield floors.


Color and styles


Offer a range of styles and colors which may be advantageous for some people and disadvantageous for others.



It has just 20 styles and colors which, may also be advantageous or disadvantageous.



If you are looking for quality, durable, long-lasting and decorative vinyl floors that are also waterproof, Permshield Luxury Vinyl flooring is your best choice.







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