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Engineered to withstand light commercial and high-traffic residential applications.

Engineered to withstand light commercial and high-traffic residential applications.

Wear LayerPlank Dimensions:
7" x 48" x 5.2 mm
Installation Method: Installation Level:
Float, Glueless
Above, On, Below
Sq. Ft./Carton: Attached Underlayment:
Attached 1 mm High Density IXPE
Core: Edge Profile:
Stone Polymer Composite (SPC)
Sided Micro Bevel
Weight / Box Weight / Pallet:
Pcs / Box Sq.Ft/ Pallet
Room dividers, two-surface transitions, PermShield offers perfect colors match transitions molding accessories
to help your new floor look, in a word, finished.
You always have the option to install PermShield yourself.
The angle tap locking system allows for easy, low-prep installation over most existing floors.
Our Installation Manual will help you get it just right.
As much as it sounds like a chore, it’s extremely easy to do and highly beneficial in prolonging the lifespan of your vinyl and maintaining its good looks. This way you avoid dirt and dust accumulating and being tracked everywhere around the house or being embedded into the vinyl. Alternatively, you can vacuum or use a microfibre dust mop. Avoid using abrasive materials and brushes as this can damage the vinyl.
Spills should never be left to dry. Things like sugary drinks can be much harder to remove once dried, even water can cause damage to the flooring if it’s left for too long. Cleaning up spills right away will keep your vinyl flooring looking good as new for longer and save you in the long run.
For dirt and grime that is a little harder to remove, create a mild vinegar and warm water solution. To avoid drenching your vinyl flooring with a tsunami of water, we recommend putting the solution into a spray bottle and applying a mist.
We recommend using a pH-neutral cleaner diluted in water. Avoid any cleaners that contain bleach, washing liquid or general cleaning products, unless it has been specified on the bottle that it is suitable for LVT. Using incorrect cleaners can damage the vinyl, causing discoloration and deterioration of the protective wear layer.
We recommend giving your luxury vinyl a deep clean every 6 months or so to strip away any built-up dirt and grime or soapy residue from the previous cleanse. This will help restore the beautiful look of your LVT and bring back that brand new sheen. Clean Vinyl Flooring with Natural Cleaners In Your Pantry To deep clean your vinyl floor, mix a gallon of water with a cup of apple cider vinegar. (White vinegar is a fine substitute.) Add a drop of dish soap for extra cleaning power. Ideally, you’ll fill a second bucket with clean, hot water to rinse the dirt off your mop as you work (rather than returning it to the floor). Wring your mop well, then soak it in the vinegar solution and wring again. Vinyl Flooring Discoloration: A baking soda-water paste combats discoloration from dark liquids like wine or grape juice. Vinyl Flooring Scuffs: Apply a small amount of WD-40 or jojoba oil to scuffs, and scrub with a soft-bristle brush to erase. Vinyl Flooring Shine: Boost shine by adding a drop of baby oil to your cleaning solution.
Place down floor mats in front of doors in high traffic areas to help prevent dirt and dust from being tracked around the house. Fit heavy furniture and appliances with floor protectors (can be found at any hardware store) will help prevent them leaving a dent behind. Pro-tip: If you have any off-cut pieces of vinyl, these will do wonders underneath furniture including chairs, tables, fridges and so on. Avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar as it can scratch and damage your LVT. Avoid dragging heavy furniture as this can tear the vinyl. Always lift heavy furniture off the ground before moving. Avoid steam cleaners at all costs. Steam cleaners force moisture into the seams and break down the adhesive holding the vinyl down. This will cause your vinyl flooring to become loose and lift. Vinyl exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time will cause it to fade. Keep the curtains and blinds closed if no one is occupying the room. However, there is now fade-resistant LVT thanks to modern advancements in technology. To reduce the amount of dirt brought into your home, take off your shoes before entering your home. The best way to remove scuff marks is to apply a splash of jojoba oil onto a soft cloth and give it a good rub.

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